Muslim Denny’s Employee Refuses To Remove Head Covering, Then Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming To Him


December 28, 2015 9:54am PST

Marlondejaun Guy is a Muslim man who works as a server at a Denny’s in Ocala, Florida. Recently, Guy was told to remove his Islamic head covering because it was not part of the Denny’s uniform. When he refused, Guy was immediately fired by his manager.

According to American Overlook, Guy has since filed a discrimination complaint against Denny’s for firing him based on his religion. After he filed the lawsuit, however, it became clear that Guy was not fired at first. Instead, his managers told him that if he refused to remove his head covering, he would only be allowed to work the night shift at the restaurant.

Clearly, this wasn’t good enough for Guy, so he kept protesting until he was finally fired. This is a clear example of how entitled Muslims can be once they come to America.

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