Liberals Open Home To Muslim ‘Refugees’ – Then Get A NASTY Surprise

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A few months ago, a bleeding heart liberal couple decided to open their home to Muslim “refugees,” but it didn’t take long for this to backfire on them in a brutal way.

Back in July, Andrew and Rae Wartnaby made headlines when they opened up their 50-acre farm in South Africa to 143 Muslim refugees supposedly fleeing oppression from Islamic militants in the Middle East. Just months after this generous act, the Wartnabys were threatened with slaughter by these very same refugees who they had once helped.

According to Mad World News, the Muslim refugees attacked the Wartnaby home early one morning last week and said they would kill Andrew if the couple did not immediately leave the property. The angry Muslims accused the couple of “not helping them to be relocated back home or to another country,” and informed them that it was their responsibility to provide them with visas and passports.

“I immediately asked if everyone is okay but they kept shouting that tonight was my night and they will kill me. I haven’t slept since then,” Andrew said. “When we took everyone in, we said we would try and help, which we have. But they feel like it has been too long and we let them down. I have asked that group to leave my farm, but they refuse to and to be honest, I don’t know what is going to happen. All I know is that I don’t want to be murdered tonight.”

The Wartnabys have been in hiding ever since that night, and the Muslim refugees currently still have control of their home.


This serves as a grim reminder to the world of what can happen when one opens their home (or borders) to Muslim refugees.

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