He Took A Cotton Swab And Pressed It Against Himself – When He Yanked It Off…OMG!

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In this video, you’ll learn how to remove a pesky tick in a quick and easy way using only a cotton swab.

Ticks have been a thorn in the side of hikers for decades now. According to American Overlook, Lyme Disease is one of many illnesses the ticks can inject directly into your blood stream.

One of the main problems with ticks is that whenever you try to pull them off, a part of their body often remains lodged in yours, which will annoy you for hours. You can try using tweezers to rectify this, but the mouth of the tick will often remain lodged in your skin.

After watching, this video, however, you’ll never have to deal with this again. All you’ll need to do is grab a cotton swab and some water.

First, wet the cotton swab, then use it to push the tick from the back. Keep pushing it around in circles until it dislodges from your skin, then take a napkin and grab the tick before it bites down.

Next time you get a tick stuck on you, you’ll be glad you watched this video!

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