Patriot Catches Thug Messing With His New Car – You’ve Got To See What Happens Next

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In this video, Youtube pranksters Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo learn the hard way that their jokes aren’t always a good idea.

Erik and Cenek, who go by the name Viralbrothers online, were driving around one day when an elderly man cut them off. According to American Overlook, this is what happened next:

The duo tried to get revenge on the elderly man who cut them off on the road. So they followed his Lamborghini and when he stepped out of it…they did something gross!

When he’s away from his vehicle, they get up near the car and one of the pranksters pulls down his pants and takes a fake poop on the luxury vehicle.

The old man catches him wiping himself with toilet paper. So he does something no one expected.

Without hesitation, the elderly man takes out a taser and zaps the crap out of the punk.

Because of this incident, VIralBrothers say they are planning to leave the U.S. They’re afraid more Americans will use our second amendment rights to taser the European pranksters.

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