Muslim Grabs Woman’s Butt In Public – Then Gets A NASTY Surprise

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When a perverted Muslim saw a white woman out in public, he thought he’d found the perfect opportunity to touch a western female butt. Unfortunately for him, he quickly learned in a brutal way to never touch anything that doesn’t belong to him.

According to Mad World News, the incident occurred in an open-air market in Inezgane, Morocco, and the video begins with a white woman walking around in a gold-colored dress and headscarf. When the woman leans over some motorbikes, a Muslim man comes out of nowhere and grabs her rear.

Without hesitating, the woman whirled around and punched him in the face, knocking him out with a single blow. He was reportedly out cold for a full two hours.

As the man lay unconscious on the ground, the woman berated him, humiliating him even more in front of his Muslim friends.

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