His Ear Hurt, So He Looked Inside. What He Saw? OMG


December 21, 2015 1:33pm PST

We’ve seen lots of gross videos with insects in ears, but this might just be the nastiest…

According to American Overlook, this video opens with a man named Mickey lying on the ground in agony after a moth flew into his ear.

“This s*** is f***** up, dude,” he shouted as the stubborn moth refused to leave. Mickey added that he felt a chilling “fluttering in his head,” and begged his friends to help him.

One of his friends then grabs a pair of tweezers and proceeds to extract an enormous moth from Mickey’s ear, but it didn’t end there…The friend then found a tick inside the ear as well.

“This huge friggin’ guy had a bug fly in his ear,” the description of the video reads. “We thought it was a little white moth, but what came out is unbelievable! CAUTION: Prepare for the heebie jeebies!”

I hope to God nothing like this ever happens to me!


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