Sheriff Joe Issues BRUTAL Message To Obama About Guns

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been a thorn in Obama’s side since he first entered office. With new reports suggesting that Obama is planning a massive executive action on gun control, Arpaio has issued a brutal message to the president letting him know exactly what he thinks about this.

According to American News, Arpaio recently said that the biggest problem with the gun control debate is that it has become such a “political situation” in which Democrats react to the “criminal misuse” of guns by demanding restrictions that affect law-abiding gun owners.

“Obama does know we have the Second Amendment, right?” the sheriff continued. “I’ve said it before. I’m not surrendering the guns. He can give an executive order saying we’ve got to collect the guns, and I’m not going to do it.”

Arpaio concluded by predicting “there’d be a revolution” if Obama tries to move forward with these restrictions. We applaud Sheriff Joe for continuing to bravely take a stand against Obama!

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