Tim Allen ANNIHILATES Obama In Just 30 Seconds On Live TV

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Tim Allen is one of the few people in Hollywood right now who is brave enough to criticize Obama on national television.

With his hit ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, Allen regularly defies liberal Hollywood by showing Americans what a true conservative patriot is.

In the most recent episode of the show entitled Gift of the Wise Man, Allen’s character Mike Baxter talks to his grandson Boyd about what his favorite Christmas gift was as a child. According to Western Journalism, the gift was lawn darts, which Baxter said left, “a lot of scars.”

“They don’t sell them anymore. You can’t find them. The nanny state made them illegal,” Baxter added.

“Stupid nanny state ruined Christmas,” Boyd replied.

As family members gather for a family meeting, Baxter annihilated Obama with a zinger.

“Sit! This is not a democracy. Ugh. I started sounding like King Obama there for a minute, didn’t I?” he said.

ABC was livid when they saw this episode, but Allen refused to backdown. We applaud him for continuing to attack Obama, despite the risk of liberal backlash!

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