He Thought He Was Having Sex With His Girlfriend – But Then He Flicked on the Light…

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A man had just enjoyed a night out with his girlfriend when they returned to their house and went to sleep. Shortly after they’d gone to bed, the boyfriend felt someone removing his clothes, and assuming it was his girlfriend, he began to get intimate.

It wasn’t until he was too late that he realized his girlfriend wasn’t in the room…

Mad World News described what happened:

The victim, who didn’t want to be named, said that earlier in the night, he and his girlfriend had gone out on the town. They each likely over-imbibed at the nightclub they entered in the U.K. town of Dunfermline, when the man’s girlfriend made a new friend on the dance floor. As the victim was bellied up at the bar, his unidentified partner had become close with 22-year-old Dale Everard. But what the woman didn’t know was why Everard had picked her out of the crowd.

After everyone had more than enough to drink, the victim and his girlfriend headed out and walked back to their house nearby. In a moment of inebriated misjudgment, the woman invited her new pal to come over for a nightcap. Her boyfriend wasn’t too happy about the extra company, and he and his girl got in an argument about it once back at home, according to The Courier.

After a salty exchange, the victim gave up the fight and went to bed, fully clothed, while leaving his girlfriend on the sofa. Not long after the man passed out, he felt his pants being removed, along with his undergarments. Without a second a thought, he didn’t look up or stop the amorous acts from taking place, letting who he thought was his girlfriend, fondle his genitals and perform oral sex on him.

When the victim finally did open his eyes, he got the disgusting shock of a lifetime, seeing Everard on the bed with him while his girlfriend was still passed out on the living room couch. The boyfriend jumped out of bed “in a state of shock and anger,” an attorney on the sex assault case later described in court, as Everard shouted that the victim “liked it.”

Bursting into tears of horror and embarrassment for the homosexual assault the victim wanted no part of, he shoved the attacker out of his home and into the street. The victim has since pressed sex assault charges against Everard for the disgusting attack that took place on the night of May 10, 2014, and now the sick assailant has learned his fate.

Everard was sentenced to 18 months in jail and forced to register as a sex offender. This is the least of what he deserves to get, considering the way it played out appeared to be premeditated. Sheriff Craig McSherry, who is on the case, announced in court, “This was a serious offence carried out with considerable forethought. You befriended the victim’s girlfriend, went back to the flat with her, entered the bedroom and carried out the sexual assault,” the Metro reported.

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