US School Censors Bible Passage Recitation From Christmas Play

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An elementary school in Kentucky is in hot water this week after they tried to censor a Bible passage recitation from a school play.

On his show on Thursday, radio host Glenn Beck shared the story of how the Johnson County, Kentucky school district censored the play. Afterwards, he called on parents to fight back.

“I would get together with parents and I would — if I knew this was coming — I would take the script of what Linus actually says and I would stand up as a block of parents and just stop the show,” Beck said. “And all of the parents stand up and just start saying it.”

New reports reveal that parents took Beck’s advice. According to, audience members quoted the censored biblical quotes in the middle of the performance anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.29.49 PM

You can watch the parents recite the passages in the video below:

We applaud these community members for taking a stand for Christians everywhere!

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