Liberal Mayor Sues Family For Putting Up Christmas Lights – Then Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming To Her!

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Fox News’ Jesse Watters is known for frequently exposing the hypocrisy of liberals. He did this once again this week when he paid a visit to Plantation, Florida, where city officials are suing a Christian family who turn their home into a Christmas lights extravaganza every year.

The spectacle is complete with hand-made lights and a life-sized carousel, and it reportedly draws hundreds of visitors every day. According to Mediate, the family told Watters they use this tradition to collect money for charity, and they estimate they have gotten over $10,000 in donations since they started doing it.

“The wonderful hearts that these people have to do all this for their community is unbelievable,” Santa Claus told Watters in an exclusive interview.

Unfortunately, city mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic now wants to charge the family for the display so that she herself can directly profit from it. Watters flew to Florida to confront Bendekovic outside her local grocery store. Her look of shear panic is priceless, as is their exchange:

Bendekovic: As much as I would like to comment, we’re in pending litigation right now.

Watters: Florida Bar Association says that you can comment during a proceeding as long as you don’t prejudice one side or the other.

Bendekovic: Okay…

Watters: This isn’t a very good of taxpayer money, going after home owners for a few Christmas lights, is it?

Watters: I don’t think Santa’s going to be happy with you.

Bendekovic: I don’t think you should be voicing your opinion what Santa wants and what Santa doesn’t want, so.

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