She Was Mugged Visiting Her Husband’s Grave – What Happened Next Is Chilling

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78 year-old Tona Herdon was devastated when she lost her husband after 60 years of marriage.

Two weeks after his death, Herdon visited his grave to reminisce about their wonderful life together. It was then that things took a devastating turn…

According to American Overlook, the elderly woman was mugged while standing at her husband’s grave by a thug who grabbed her purse and ran off with $700 in cash. The community was so outraged by this crime that news of it spread fast until the assailant was finally caught, and his mugshot was plastered all over television.

When 15-year-old Chrstian Lunsford saw the photo, his heart immediately sank: the assailant was his estranged father. Though his parents had divorced when he was two years-old and he had barely seen his father since, Lunsford still felt a sense of responsibility for the attack.

Just two weeks before Lunsford saw the mugshot, his father had given him $250 for a band trip the teen had been looking forward too for months. Realizing the horrific crime his father committed, the boy reached out to Herdon and met her in a church parking lot. There, he gave her the $250 because he was not sure if it had come from her purse or not.

Though she accepted his money, Herdon then did something that stunned everyone. She regifted him the $250, saying that she wanted him to go on his band trip.

This heartwarming story proves that good really can come from something evil!

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