Burqa-Clad Muslim Explodes After Hearing Christian Man’s Joke, But It’s Him Who Gets The Last Laugh

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Two Muslim women made headlines recently when they claimed they were harassed at a restaurant in Austin, Texas for their Islamic background. However, now a witness has come forward to reveal what REALLY happened.

According to Conservative Tribune, the incident occurred two weeks ago at the Kerbey Lane Cafe, where an argument broke out broke out among patrons. Muslims Sirat Al-Nahi and Leilah Abdennabi claimed it all started when a man made a comment about the latter’s parking, telling her, “She should just go back to Saudi Arabia where she came from.”

The witness has now confirmed to the press that the account of the incident the Muslim women gave is far from the truth.

The eyewitness identified himself only as Chad, saying that he feared he might be “condemned or judged in public by people who were not even there” for contradicting the Muslims. Despite the fear of backlash, Chad said the man had actually told Leilah that she, “should go back to taking lessons again.”

“I told my girlfriend, ‘Wow, that was close,’” Chad recounted, referring to the parking job. “It was really nothing, but when that woman came in and said something to another woman who was also sitting near the older couple, I could see anger in their faces. That was when she asked the older gentleman to repeat what he just said.”

“We could not believe the woman was so angry and making such a big deal out of this because he just whispered some comment to his wife, just like I told my girlfriend to look out the window (at the attempt to park the car),” Chad added.

“What we said were private conversations but the girl next to the man told the driver when she came in something that angered them,” he concluded. “We truly felt sorry for the couple.”

The family, who also preferred not to be identified, said they have been humiliated by the “unfair and biased reporting.”

“There is not a racial or bigoted bone in this man’s body,” a family spokesperson said. “(He) is a well-respected gentleman who has done many things for many people of many religious and cultural persuasions during his lifetime.”

It’s sad that the mainstream media were willing to believe the story of two Muslims instead of actually investigating what really happened in this case.

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