What Hillary Did During Last Nught’s Debate Will Make You Sick, But It Just Backfired…

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Last night was the fifth GOP debate, and Hillary Clinton could not resist taking the opportunity to make some classless remarks about the proceedings on Twitter. Unfortunately for her, however, these comments have now come back to bite her in a major way.

“We’re not at war with a religion. We’re at war with radical jihadism. Hillary knows the difference,” Clinton tweeted, according to Western Journalism, referring to herself in the third person.

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Twitter users were quick to mock Hillary for the ridiculous phrasing of this Tweet.

“Does ‪#Hillary always tweet about herself in the third person?” tweeted Alan Tonelson.

“I hope she starts speaking like that in person. How epic would that be?” replied Chelsea.

“She can’t stand herself in the first person EITHER!” chimed in Jim Anderson.

“Thanks for the comment, but @HillaryClinton has always seemed to be pretty pleased with herself!” Tonelson replied.

The content of the Tweet also became the target of criticism.

“Which other religion practices Jihad? Stop pandering, it’s insulting,” tweeted Josh Hewitt.

“Nobody said we were at war with Muslims. You simply lie, cheat, steal, and deceive when you cannot take what you want?” said a poster known simply as Jim.

“Muslims are not our adversaries. But Islam incites, justifies & rewards all that ‪#ISIS does,” commented William Paxton.

“So you will attack the Symptom(terrorism) and ignore the root (Islam) thereby denying its origin and never stopping it,” said Atreyu Kenobi.

“Of course you know radical Islamists. You’re in bed with them. Their supporters support you. You’re a disgrace,” wrote Steve Lallier.

Nice try, Hillary, but this was a huge fail!

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