She Was Doing Her Son’s Laundry When She Looked In His Pockets – What She Found…OMG

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Any mother knows that there’s no telling what you’ll find in your children’s pockets while doing their laundry. However, it’s safe to say this mother was NEVER expecting to find THIS!

According to IJ Review, a woman in Sidney, Australia was doing her son’s laundry when she found $9,000 in his pockets. This discovery would eventually lead to a major scheme to send money to ISIS.

The woman’s son, whose name has not been released, met Oarjan Azari and Ali Al-Talebi at a mosque. The two Muslim men convinced the boy to send them money, and they sent him $3,000 on two occasions. However, when he went to send them $9,000, the boy thought the transfer fees were too high and he declined.

It was then that his mother found the cash in his pocket.

Since the boy is cooperating with prosecutors, they have agreed not to prosecute him for his role in this. Despite this, various death threats have been made against him for helping ISIS, so authorities are letting him testify from a safe, remote location.

It should be noted that Oarjan Azari has previously been charged with planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

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