Father Finds Out Thug Son Was Arrested, So He Does THIS

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The father in this video was outraged when he was called by the local police station to come pick up his son, who had just been arrested.

According to Liveleak, the boy was arrested for several robberies in the area. The young thug stole two mobile phones and around R $ 500 reais, which is about 125 US dollars.

The father told the arresting officer that he would handle punishing his son, so the cop picked up a camera to film the humiliating scolding. Here’s the exchange between father and son:

Father: D*mn, d*mn son
Father: Your father is a real man, who works honestly ..
Father: It is not there in this life of wandering …
Father, Mr Policeman, I’m sorry …
Police: Feel free, You are his father, who has to educatehim, is you …
Father: D*mn, go work your bum
Father: I created a Idiot ..

Do you think this punk got what he deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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