Michelle Obama Reveals What Christmas Presents She’s Buying With OUR Money


December 15, 2015 12:01pm PST

For most Americans, Christmas will be a subdued affair this year as they can barely afford to put food on the table, let alone by presents. This, however, won’t stop Michelle Obama from spending as much of our tax dollars as she can on buying Christmas presents for her family and herself.

While appearing at the Children’s National Health System’s holiday event on Monday, she spent time bragging about everything she plans to buy this year rather than on the sick children.

“It will be some version of [money],” Michelle responded when she was asked what her daughters want. “They don’t want me to waste my energy picking out stuff they don’t want. So they’d rather just have the money.”

Michelle went on to brag that her dogs will likely get more presents than the average American child will this year.

“They get lots of new toys and treats. They get presents every year,” Michelle boasted, according to People. “They were very nice [this year]. They have been very good dogs. I mean, Sunny sometimes can be naughty.

“Because you know what she does sometimes? She leaves the kitchen and she’ll sneak, and she’ll go poop on the other end of the White House,” she added.

It’s sickening that our tax dollars are being used to fund the Obama family’s ridiculous lifestyle. Shame on you, Michelle!


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