Muslim Thugs Caught Doing The Unthinkable Outside Of This Home Depot…

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A chilling photo of a scene outside of a Florida Home Depot is going viral this week, and it could be a terrifying clue about what Muslims are REALLY doing in this country.

Shared on Facebook from December 9, the photo Muslim men loading propane into the back of a pickup truck from a Miami store. While most of us would only buy one or two propane tanks at a time, these Muslims can be seen buying as many as their truck will hold.

Here is the photo, courtesy of The Political Insider:


Mad World News also reported on the image:

It’s not a coincidence that in this same time, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) came out with a brand new execution video, showing them killing a couple of captives by specifically detonating a buried explosive using a cellphone. Now, there are these photos (below), which show the exact way propane tanks can be used by terrorists as bombs. Yet, no one got identification for these guys, who bought so much propane at once, and they were allowed to walk out of the store with it, without alerting authorities.

Thankfully, the citizens who posted this photo were willing to risk being accused of not being politically correct so that Americans could see this suspicious activity.

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