Cop Visits Mother’s Grave Only To Find Muslims Doing The Unthinkable

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An off-duty police officer was heading to the cemetery to pay his final respects to his mother along with his elderly father. However, when they got to the grave site, they found that a Muslim gang had left them a devastating surprise…

Officer Said Chedoma is a 38-year-old ranger in the 43rd Rangers Regiment in Yala, Thailand whose mother died last Thursday. On Sunday morning, he headed to the grave side with his 63-year-old father, Asi Chedoma, but then the unthinkable happened.

As the Chedoma’s read a prayer from the Quran over the mother’s grave, a bomb that had been left at the tombstone by Muslim insurgents suddenly went off. According to Mad World News, the bomb killed the young police officer and severely wounded his father.

The blast from the 22 pound bomb was so powerful that it severed Said’s body in half and blew his mother out of her res/en’t careful, they will start happening more frequently in the U.S…

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