Angel Caught On Camera Doing THIS Over Car Crash Victim

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The family of a man who survived a brutal car crash in South Carolina are now saying that he was saved by a guardian angel, and they have the photos to prove it!

After crashing his car on Highway 252 in Abbeville County, South Carolina last Tuesday, the man was able to crawl out the window of his totaled Ford Explorer. According to Pastor Michael Clary, who witnessed the chilling scene, the man then curled up into a fetal position.

According to Daily Mail, the pastor says he immediately went into “prayer mode” asking God to save the man while also taking photos of the scene. It was only later that he noticed what he believes is a “guardian angel” kneeling near the man praying. The white shape can be seen on the right side of the photo, hovering in the air over the injured man.

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“You can see on the picture, on the right-hand side that the angel looks like he’s actually knelt with his hands up praying over him,” Lynn Wooten, a cousin of the crash victim, told Fox Carolina. “If you was to see the car you would think nobody came out of it … Our family strongly believes in guardian angels and that one with him. My cousin was lucky he survived.”

Clary later posted the photo online along with this message:

“This SUV passed me on hwy. 252 on my way back home from CVS in HP when it came around me it went to far left running off shoulder over corrected going sideways in front of me. 

Started rolling over I counted four times before hitting ditch then going airborne hit about twelve feet against large pine. Wrapped around tree in air and I saw something come out passenger side window. When I got to where it was I was shocked to see a young man on ground curled in a ball the whole time this was happening I was in prayer mode asking God to protect this person.

After all emergency responders got there and he was airlifted I was still praying. Just a few mins. after I got home we got a report he has a broken leg and a cut on his ear, what a mighty prayer answering God we have thank you Lord for having me in the right place at the right time.”

Wooten said her cousin was airlifted to the local hospital, where he is being treated for a punctured lung and a broken collar bone and fractured ribs. Do you think he was saved by a guardian angel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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