BREAKING: Fox Reporter Assaulted By Thug On Live TV


December 11, 2015 3:22pm PST

A Fox 5 reporter was assaulted on live TV when she was shoved by a thug squatting in a $1 million home.

Reporter Emily Miller later wrote about the assault for Fox 5 online. Here’s what she had to say:

A man alleged of squatting in a million dollar house in Bethesda was expected to take a plea deal in court on Monday. But it did not happen and he reacted aggressively towards us when we approached to speak with him.

James Crombie is accused of moving into the vacant $1 million home that had been on the market for over a year with his wife, kids and dog. He allegedly broke the locks to get into the house while pretending that he had bought it. The real owners of the home say they caught him when he had moving vans deliver personal items.

Crombie was indicted earlier this year on seven criminal charges related to this, which included burglary and destruction of property.

He was in court on Monday, but his lawyer said they were withdrawing their plea agreement with the state.

Crombie’s lawyer declined to speak with us as she left court. When Crombie came outside, he had changed clothes from just a few minutes earlier. I tried to ask him why he backed out of the plea deal, but he wouldn’t answer me and instead grabbed my wrists and pushed me down.

After that happened, several witnesses ran forward to help me. They called the court sheriff to try to stop Crombie from getting away, but they did not find him.

I filed reports with the court sheriff and Rockville police. We will update you on any developments.

As for the original charges related to squatting, Crombie’s trial is slated to start in January.

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