Sarah Palin Drops Bombshell About Donald Trump – We NEVER Saw This Coming

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This week, Donald Trump found himself in hot water after revealing his plan to temporarily stop all Muslim immigration into America. Though the GOP elite turned their back on Trump after he said this, Sarah Palin risked everything to rush to the Republican frontrunner’s defense.

According to The Political Insider, Palin took to Facebook to praise Trump as a “bold, non-politican” who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about terrorism.

“Herd mentality running rampant with hypocritical and/or naive pundits trying to crush Donald Trump because he’s committed to clobbering the bad guys,” she said.

“When information shows someone comes to America after being in a radical Islamic stronghold, and embraces the Death Cult’s ideology that mandates butchering the innocent – then we are right in calling for shucking the political correctness that is fundamentally transforming America, and finally putting the security of innocent Americans FIRST,” Palin later added.

Palin went on to say that America has a long history of banning threats from entering our country, pointing out that even super-liberal President Jimmy Carter “rounded up Iranian students” during the hostage crisis.

“While the media twists and turns words, conservatives who propose action to combat the real threat facing America are demonized while the namby-pamby milquetoast politicians get a pass to go along their unaccountable merry way,” she said.

Here is Palin’s full Facebook post:


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