Obama’s Defense Secretary Risks Everything To Reveal THIS About President and ISIS

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Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter risked everything on Wednesday to defy the president by testifying before congress that ISIS has not been contained.

According to Daily Caller, Carter made the comments when Sen. John McCain asked him to comment on Gen. Joseph Dunford’s House Armed Services testimony, when he said, “We have not contained ISIL.”

Here’s how the exchange went:

John McCain: Mr. Secretary, on the first of December, before the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Forbes asked General Dunford, “Have we currently contained ISIL?” General Dunford: “We have not contained ISIL.” Mr. Secretary, do you agree with General Dunford?

Ash Carter: I agree with General Dunford, yes.

This will undoubtedly make Obama livid, since he infamously claimed ISIS had been contained hours before the Paris terrorist attacks.

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