Congress Just Gave Obama’s Welfare Leeches Some VERY Bad News

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Welfare leeches have been having the time of their lives since Obama took office, but it appears their free ride may finally be coming to an end.

According to, congress is taking a closer look at the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s financial books after they reported it was impossible to audit billions of dollars. HUD’s inspector general reported that he couldn’t audit billions of dollars of the agency’s spending because their financial statements were inaccurate and had records missing.

The inspector general went so far as to say many of HUD’s financial statements break the law.

The Senate Committee on Appropriations “appreciates the inspector general’s report and is continuing to work with HUD to address these issues,” committee spokesman Stephen Worley said after the report was released.

“Ensuring sound financial management practices at the department remains a critical aspect of the committee’s oversight of HUD, and the committee expects to receive additional updates from HUD as its progress continues,” Worley continued.

“The committee understand that improvements and changes to existing practices take time to implement successfully and has received briefings from HUD on the status of this work,” he added. “These are multiyear issues involving HUD and the committee will continue its oversight responsibilities.”

Advocates for government spending reform say it’s crucial to watch how HUD does things.

“Given HUD’s history of waste and outright corruption, this is an agency that Congress and taxpayers need to keep a particularly close eye on, and it is one reason why the new revelations of the agency’s mismanagement are so troubling,” Cato Institute tax policies director Chris Edwards said.

“While Congress should force the agency to mop up this new accounting mess in the short term, in the medium term, Congress should devolve and privatize activities such as housing finance,” Edwards added.

It looks like life is about to get a whole lot harder for Obama’s freeloaders: they might have to get a job!

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