Muslim Thugs Beat Man Viciously After Seeing THIS Around His Neck

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Obama claims his Muslim “refugees” are peaceful, but stories like this proves that is a blatant lie.

Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Kim has released a series of photos of two separate incidents in the hopes of exposing how violent Islam really is. The first three images were taken after Jean-Baptiste’s friend David, 59, “was having dinner with friends at a restaurant in Paris, France.”

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According to Mad World News, Jean-Baptiste claims David was waring a “’Kippa’ on his head and a necklace of David’s star,” when three North African Muslims suddenly approached him. The Muslims screamed things like “Dirty Jew,” “Death to Jews and Israel,” and, “Son of a bitch,” before they viciously attacked David.

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After David was attacked, he begged Jean-Baptiste to “leave my bracelet at home because it is very dangerous to show the bracelet in this country, France.” Jean-Baptiste, however, refused, explaining that he always wears “a bracelet (of Shema Yisrael) and a necklace (of David’s Star),” even when he sleeps.

Unfortunately, just as David predicted, Jean-Baptiste was eventually attacked himself. Here’s what he says happened:

Things happened exactly same to me as predicted by my Jewish colleague. I had a lunch at a Seafood Bar and obviously people around me saw my bracelet. A Muslim guy behind me immediately said to his friends, “Look this guy, he has a Jewish bracelet.”

I heard it and I asked him back, “So what? You Muslims have Misbaha (Muslim’s prayer string of beads) on you and why can’t I?” Another Muslim guy immediately yelled at me, “Shut the f*ck off, you dirty Jew.” I again told the Muslim guy, “I’m not a Jew but a gentile Messianic.”

The third Muslim guy laughed at me and said, “This guy is even worse than Jews, he is a mixture of Jews and Christians.” I again told the third guy, “That’s none of your f*cking business.”

It was then that one of the Muslims threw his lit cigarette in Jean-Baptiste’s face and smacked him. Jean-Baptiste, however, fought back.

“I punched the two guys so hard and kicked the third guy and he fell down on window and the window got smashed,” he recounted.

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Jean-Baptiste’s “Jewish friend” saw the altercation and called the police. When they arrived, they arrested all five men. All worked out well, however, when Jean-Baptiste and his friend were released.

Jean-Baptiste’s friends still urge him to leave his bracelet at home, but he always responds, “They (my bracelet and necklace) will live and die with me.”

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