Obama’s Refugee ‘Orphans’ Did Something HORRIFYING As Soon As They Arrived

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A few weeks ago, Obama infamously mocked conservative Americans who oppose Syrian refugees because they’re “scared of widows and orphans.” Now, it has been revealed that four of Obama’s precious refugee “orphans” did something truly sickening as soon as they were granted access to a Western nation.

Within hours of arriving in the U.K., four teenage Syrian “orphans” brutally raped an 18 year-old girl at a nursing home in Gillingham, Kent for five hours straight.

“She is deeply distressed,” a source told The Sun. “The victim thinks there were five attackers. The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?”

According to Mad World News, four of the five attackers have been apprehended, and they all claim to be 17 years-old. Police, however, believe they are all older and are lying about their ages.

“They arrived in the country without documents claiming to be under 18 and from Syria,” a source said. “But the reality is they could be older.”

Inexplicably, only two of the four migrants have been arrested and charged with rape. They were due to appear in court last month, but there were no further updates about the case after that.

This shows just how manipulative and dangerous Obama’s Muslim “refugees” really are. They claim to be orphans who are under 18, but they are really violent men bent on raping our women and destroying our way of life.

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