This Group Has Accurately Predicted The President For 40 Years – Here’s Who They Say Will Win In 2016

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Western Illinois University has accurately predicted who will be elected president of the United States since 1975. Now, they have announced who they think will win in 2016, and their pick may surprise you.

According to Mad World News, WIU has predicted Bernie Sanders will be elected in 2016. As a proud Socialist, Sanders will undoubtedly take the mess Obama has created for us and make it even worse should he make it to the White House.


The group predicts that Sanders’ opponent will be Jeb Bush, and that the Democrat will beat him handily. They say that Sanders will run with Martin O’Malley as his Vice President, while Bush will be running with Marco Rubio.

Needless to say, the thought of Sanders making it to the White House is terrifying. We can only hope that this group is wrong about their prediction for the first time in 40 years…

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