When This Boy Complained Of Stomach Pains, Doctors Weren’t Expecting To Find THIS Inside Him

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A three year-old boy in India had been suffering from agonizing stomach pains for months, so his parents gave him pain killers to help. When that didn’t work, however, they rushed him to the hospital, where doctors discovered something shocking…

After doctors ordered an X-ray of the boy’s stomach, they were stunned to find a clump of metal objects inside him. According to Mad World News, when they boy was rushed into surgery, doctors discovered 29 magnets, a battery, and a coin in his gut. It turns out the boy had found the objects in his home and swallowed them.

“There were 29 magnets in total, very unusual,” said Head of Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. Brahm Datt Pathak Pathak. “It seems he’d been swallowing these objects for over a year. I would even say it had become a habit for him.”


The magnets had stuck together and created a huge metal ball inside the boy’s stomach, putting him in unimaginable pain.

“It was an extremely complicated case. The baby’s gut was completely damaged due to the amount of magnets in his stomach,” explained Pathak.

“If the pieces had been small enough they would have passed through him naturally in his excretion process, but these objects were just too large and his case needed special attention,” Pathak added. “I’m sure the boy had been in pain for a long time, it’s sad his condition had not been picked up sooner.”

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The grueling surgery lasted for three hours, but the boy was released from the hospital days later and is now recovering at home. His family, who run a jewelry box business, are now keeping him away from small objects.

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