Outrage After Trucker Hangs Raw Pork On His Vehicle To Stop Muslim Refugees From Doing THIS

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Europe is currently in crisis mode as millions of refugees have poured into the continent intending to take over. Now, the Christian inhabitants of European nations are getting creative in the way they’re fighting back.

This video shows a truck bound for Britain on which the driver has hung cuts of pork to prevent Muslims from jumping on it. According to Daily Mail, the German truck has four pig parts hanging from the rear bumper as a way to ward off Muslim refugees.

The meat chunks were put on the 18-wheeler’s opening hatch after reports surfaced revealing that refugees are climbing inside these trucks in order to secretly travel between countries.

Liberals are accusing this trucker of going way too far, but we’ve got to say we love what he did. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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