Outrage After School Allows Cross-Dressing Boy To SHOWER With Girls In Their Locker Room

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Obama’s quest for political correctness has officially gone WAY too far!

On Thursday, a school district in the Chicago suburbs voted to a male high school student who dresses like a girl to shower with his female classmates in the girls’ locker room. According to Daily Caller, the school will use a separate “semi-private” area in the locker room for the boy to change.

This marks a settlement between the U.S. Department of Education and the school district, which will move forward on the condition that the boy change in the semi-private area.

“I commend the Board of Education of Township High School District 211 for taking steps necessary to protect civil rights as well as student privacy,” assistant secretary for civil rights Catherine E. Lhamon said. “We are grateful that the board and superintendent chose to come into full compliance with our nation’s civil rights laws. And, we look forward to partnering with the district to assure that the terms of this agreement are fully and effectively implemented.”

Parents, however, are outraged by the 5-2 decision, and many of them showed up at the meeting with signs that said things like “Settling is losing.”

“I’m not intolerant, and I’m not a bigot,” Jeff Miller, parent of a district daughter, said at the meeting. “People have the right in this country to live their lives the way they see fit, and I respect that. When it starts infringing on other people’s rights, that’s when it becomes a problem.”

Other parents applauded the vote.

“What if this were your child?” parent Teresa Saunders asked as she began to cry. “I can’t imagine anything more damaging for a student than to be told they are different from all their fellow students. In doing so, the administration is treating them as though they weren’t human beings at all.”

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