When She Put An Onion In Her Ear, I Thought She Was Crazy – But Then She Did THIS

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Winter is officially here, which means we’re right in the thick of cold and flu season. In this video, you’ll learn how onions can help you keep various illnesses at bay.

American Overlook reported:

Stuck with a fever? Try putting an onion in your sock while you sleep. It has been shown to help reduce your fever.

If you feel a common cold coming on, use the pungent smell of onions to clear you sinuses and rid yourself of the annoying symptoms. Try onion tea or just eat one raw and in a few hours, you’ll be feeling better.

Experiencing an ear ache? Try putting some onion in your ear overnight. It’ll reduce the inflammation, decrease pain, and soften ear wax.

Got a small cut? Clean the wound then wrap it with onion skin which will help it heal faster.

You can even improve color around surgical scars by applying onion extract via a cotton swab to the scar several times each day.

Burned? Slice an onion and put it on the area for about 2 minutes. Then cover it in egg whites and wrap in gauze. It’ll reduce scarring and improve healing.

I can’t wait to try this!

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