Michelle Obama Disrespects America’s Working Class In A Shameful Way


December 3, 2015 1:08pm PST

After years in the White House, Michelle Obama has gotten used to having millions of American tax dollars at her disposal ready to be spent on her extravagant lifestyle. In this newly surfaced clip, Michelle proves that this wealth has officially caused her to lose all touch with the typical American family.

Watch as Michelle urges all Americans to study abroad, as if it’s the simplest thing to do in the world! What Michelle fails to realize is that studying abroad costs THOUSANDS of dollars, a hefty sum that most Americans can’t afford. Perhaps if her husband would lower taxes a bit, more people would be able to afford study abroad opportunities.

Michelle needs to remember that most of us don’t have the kind of money that she does. Most of us actually WORK for our money, instead of stealing money from hardworking Americans and using it to fund extravagant vacations.

Shame on you, Michelle.

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