Obama Caught Arming ISIS Terrorists WITHOUT Background Checks

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In the wake of yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, gun control activists are demanding background checks be conducted on anyone buying a gun. However, new reports have revealed that President Obama isn’t even performing background checks on the ISIS-linked “moderate rebels” he has been arming in Syria.

According to Infowars, Obama armed the Syrian opposition on Oct. 1, the very same day he demanded the U.S. start banning guns.

“The approval came at a National Security Council meeting…,” CNN reported. “…The President also emphasized to his team that the U.S. would continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters the war-torn country.”

When Obama approved the re-arming of Syrian rebels that have been affiliated with ISIS, he didn’t order them to undergo any kind of background check. This despite the fact that basically all rebels in Syria have pledged their allegiance to ISIS since 2013.

“The Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council, the vaunted bulwarks of the moderate opposition, only really exist in hotel lobbies and the minds of Western diplomats,” journalist Ben Reynolds wrote. “There is simply no real separation between ‘moderate’ rebel groups and hardline Salafists allied with al-Qaeda.”

It’s sickening that Obama is fighting for stricter gun laws in the U.S. when he is literally arming terrorists bent on destroying America. This man is a hypocrite, and he needs to get OUT of the White House!

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