BREAKING: Obama Caught Committing Treason In Leaked Document – Impeachment Imminent

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President Obama is facing possible impeachment this week after the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency came forward with a bombshell document.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has risked everything to reveal that he gave Obama specific warning about ISIS way back in 2012, but the president blatantly ignored him and refused to act on the information. According to American News, Obama was so desperate to push his agenda that he was willing to sacrifice thousands of American lives by ignoring Flynn’s advice.

Obama can deny this claim all he wants, but Flynn has the evidence to back it up. The Lieutenant General has also leaked the official report of his that Obama ignored in 2012. It was after reading this report that Obama referred to ISIS as the “JV Team.”

If this report continues to spread, we can only assume that Obama will not survive in the White House for long…

Do you think this could get him impeached? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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