She Helped Kidnap And Sexually Abuse Amish Kids, But Now She Wants Mercy Because of THIS

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Nicole Vaisey is a 26 year-old woman who teamed up with her boyfriend Stephen Howells to kidnap and sexually abuse two Amish girls who were just 6 and 11 years-old.

Now, Vaisey is asking for leniency from the judge, and the reason why is ridiculous.

Vaisey and Howells have been accused of sexually exploiting the Amish girls as well as four other children and recording each of the disturbing acts. However, Vaisey’s lawyers are asking that she be given an easier sentence than her boyfriend because she was involved in a “master-slave” relationship with him.

According to IJ Review, her defense is arguing that because she was effectively Howells’ slave, she is “not as culpable as he is.” The prosecution, on the other hand, isn’t having any of it and is asking that she be locked up for 300 years.

“Vaisey was an active and willing participant,” wrote U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher. “Her motive is irrelevant. It is certainly no comfort to her victims that Vaisey participated in the crimes against them in an effort to make Howells happy, or in an effort to not lose her boyfriend.”


Meanwhile, Vaisey’s lawyer Bradford Riendeau has been painting her as a victim.

“While she continued to work and have regular contact with her family, her secret sexual fetish life with Howells was not disclosed to them,” he wrote. “She did not think she had a place to go. She did not see herself as having a choice.”

Howells has plead guilty to 21 federal charges of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of 6 girls, and prosecutors are asking for 580 years in prison for him. In that respect, Vaisey should count herself lucky that she’s only looking at 300 years behind bars!

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