‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Attack Cop – Watch How He Responds

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Disturbing video footage from this past weekend shows Black Lives Matter protesters confront and taunt an African American police officer.

According to Western Journalism, the video was shot outside the 4th Precinct police headquarters, which has been occupied by protesters since the shooting death of Jamar Clark, 24, on Nov. 15th. Protesters claim that police shot Clark even though he was handcuffed at the time.

Police, however, say they were responding to a domestic abuse call at Clark’s home when he reached for one of the cop’s guns. The young man also prevented police from treating his girlfriend, who he had just viciously beaten.

Despite all of this, race-baiting protesters still see this as an example of police brutality, and now they want revenge.

The footage shows a woman taunting the black cop for standing in line with the other officers. After calling the officer, “Uncle Tom,” she repeatedly screams, “You helping them kill us, you own race [sic].”

“Your mommy and daddy are rolling in their graves, because you are protecting these motherf–kers,” she added. “I have some bleach, do you want to bleach yourself? Do you want to look white? You look prettier than Michael Jackson.”

To the officer’s credit, he takes the abuse in stride and barely says a word during the woman’s rant. We applaud him for taking the high road and keeping it classy in the face of such adversity. It’s disgusting that this kind of behavior against police officers is now tolerated in this country…

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