Texas Just Gave ‘Offended’ Muslims the Middle Finger

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Texas has been a thorn in Obama’s side ever since he became president, but their latest move has shut him down worse than ever before.

According to American News, Texas has just announced that they will be suing any private organization that takes in Obama’s precious Syrian “refugees.”

“Failure by your organization to cooperate with the Sate of Texas as required by federal law may result in the termination of your contract with the state and other legal action,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote in a letter to the International Rescue Committee. He has reportedly sent similar letters to various other refugee rescue organizations.

When state governments refuse to do their bidding, the federal government often forces private organizations to do as they say instead. With this move, Texas is ensuring that Muslim “refugees” will not be able to be dumped in their state.

If only all the other states could do the same thing…

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