Muslim ‘Refugees’ Caught Assaulting Locals In Restaurant

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Obama claims that Muslim “refugees” pouring out of Syria are inherently peaceful people, but stories like this prove they are anything but that…

According to Breitbart, Muslim migrants got into a brutal brawls at a local German restaurant in Bavaria on Sunday that resulted in a 50 year-old man sustaining brutal head injuries.

It all started when the refugees began arguing with some Germans who were just trying to enjoy their meals. Things calmed down when the migrants left, but they quickly returned with reinforcements. That’s when things got ugly.

The refugees returned with 15 Muslim thugs who began throwing their fists and glass bottles at the diners. Six were injured in the brawl, and the 50 year-old man was rushed to the hospital with his wounds.

Police arrested a 25 year-old Syrian migrant for the brawl, but they later inexplicably released him. The investigation into this incident is still pending.

Unfortunately stories like this have become all too common in Germany. If Obama gets his way, these will soon spread to the U.S. as well…

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