They Just Dug Up This 800 Year-Old Pot – What’s Inside Could Change History

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In 2008, archaeologists began digging up a spot in the First Nation’s Menominee Reservation out in Wisconsin. They didn’t find much, except for a small clay pot with seeds inside of it that they didn’t think much of.


Later, however, the pot was found to be 800 years old, making the discovery much more important. According to American Overlook, the seeds inside gave researchers insight into the culture, food and spirit of a group of people from centuries ago. Then, a group of students decided to grow the seeds…

The seeds turned out to be a long extinct species of squash, which was brought back to life by these students in the garden. They are now being extremely careful with the squashes they’ve grown, due to fears that the species will become extinct again.



When they first planted the 800 year-old seeds, nobody thought they would actually grow. Soon, however, a massive squash had appeared.

The squash was named Gete-okosomin, which is translated to “Big Old Squash” in the Menominee language. We can only imagine that it tastes delicious, but nobody is eating it yet…



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