He Found Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating, So He Did The Unthinkable As Revenge

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The man in this video was devastated when he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, so he came up with a particularly brutal way to get some revenge.

According to Daily Mail, the boyfriend decided to get her back by cooking up an elaborate marriage proposal that instead turned into a confrontation that left her humiliated.

It all started when the boyfriend discovered on Halloween that his girlfriend had been seeing another man. He then bought a Haribo ring and four handwritten letters to convince her that he was about to propose.

The footage begins with the girlfriend arriving home at 1:30 pm on November 19, and as she walks up the stairs that are covered in glitter and candles, she is clearly moved.

When she walks into the bedroom, her boyfriend gives her a letter marked “number one,” which is very complimentary and caused her to tear up a bit.

The boyfriend then begins reading from a romantic poem, which begins, “Tomorrow night you and I will take a flight, we will float around the Northern Lights, watching the colors shine so bright.”

The girlfriend continues to cry as she reads another letter, which says, “When owls fly and tweet tweet twoo, this is the big question I’m asking you.”

She then opened the final letter, clearly expecting it to say,” will you marry me?” Instead, however, this letter read, “Who the f*** is [this man]?”

The girlfriend looks horrified and humiliated as her EX-boyfriend makes his escape.

“And that is how you dump somebody. Busted,” he said as he drove away.

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