BREAKING: White House On Lockdown

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The Obama family’s Thanksgiving dinner was abruptly ruined yesterday when a man draped in the American flag jumped the White House fence and began running towards the house.

Joseph Caputo, from Stamford, Connecticut, scaled the fence with a binder in his mouth and began running before he was taken down on Thursday afternoon. According to Daily Mail, the Obama family were just sitting down to their turkey feast when they were put on lockdown due to the incident so that armed Secret Service agents could do a sweep of the White House.

It is not known what was in the binder Caputo was carrying, but if his online musings are any indication, it was likely a letter to Obama. Caputo hosted a Facebook event in June to “discuss possible amendments to the Constitution,” and there he laid out his political beliefs for the world.

“I believe that in a democracy the people lead, and that we need revolution, and that parties are a useless waste of time, meant to keep us from leading our nation as we should be by distracting us with redundant and passionate debates meant to keep us bickering with one another,” he wrote.

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A woman who witnessed the incident heard Caputo say to himself “All right, let’s do this” before he scaled the fence. Another witness recalled being terrified during the ordeal.

“He was walking toward the White House with his hands up,” said the witness, who did not wish to be named. “The police told us to move away as quickly as possible. I looked over my shoulder. I was scared.”

While what Caputo did definitely wasn’t legal, we can’t help but applaud him for ruining the Obama family’s Thanksgiving meal. We hope their turkey was VERY cold by the time they got to it!

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