Here’s Why Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is REALLY Leaving Fox News

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Earlier this week, the world was stunned when Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealed she will suddenly be leaving Fox & Friends after two years on the show.

“I am, as I said, taking a new position as CBO, Chief Breakfast Officer, at our house with the kids,” Hasselbeck said, according to Mercury News. “And that does mean that in about a month, I’ll be leaving my Fox News family.”

Though she claims she is leaving to spend more time with her family, rumors are now circulating that she was actually let go for a very different reason.

Fox has a long history of letting anchors go after a pay dispute. When anchors ask for more money from the network, they are often rebuked and are sometimes even fired for daring to do so. In these situations, the network often agrees to say the anchor’s decision to leave was “mutual” to save the person some embarrassment.

Perhaps Hasselbeck believed she was more important to the Fox family than she actually was, and she either chose to leave or was forced to when her demands for more money were not met.

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