BREAKING: Syrian Rebels Who Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet Were Backed By OBAMA

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Earlier today, we reported that a group of Syrian rebels had shot down a Russian jet before they gathered to chant “Allahu Akbar” over the corpse of the pilot.

Now, it has been revealed that these rebels are being backed by none other than Obama’s government. According to The Blaze, the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels, the Free Syrian Army, claim to have taken down a Russian rescue helicopter with a TOW anti-tank missile.

This helicopter was coming to try to save the pilots after their jet crashed.

The TOW missile was likely supplied to the rebels through the same US and Turkey-backed logistics program that has been helping out Alwiya al-Ashar. If this is confirmed, it could have serious implications on the U.S.’s relationship with Russia, as well as Obama’s government itself.

It looks like Obama has gotten us into a real mess this time…Putin will definitely not let this go without some sort of revenge.

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