This May Look Like A Normal Sheep Farm, But There’s Something Very Disturbing Going On Here…

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A disturbing new video shows sheep and lambs being brutally abused on an Australian farm before they are slaughtered.

According to Daily Mail, the footage shows a small lamb being slammed against the ground before being shoved into a paddock to die. Seconds later, a sheep is kicked in the face a dozen times before it’s horn is ripped off.

Making the footage even more disgusting is the fact that the workers can be heard laughing cruelly at the suffering of the animals.

The video was posted by PETA in an effort to destroy the popular notion that the wool industry is devoid of animal cruelty.

“These abuses are not the actions of a few bad apples,” a PETA spokesman said. “Time and time again, when PETA or one of our affiliates has taken a closer look inside the wool industry, egregious abuse has been uncovered. Shearers are often paid by volume, not the hour, which encourages fast, violent work that can lead to gaping wounds on sheep’s bodies, which workers stitch close – without giving the animals any painkillers.”

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