Gorgeous Blonde Catches Her Landlord On Camera Doing The Unthinkable To Her Underwear…

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When 26 year-old Ashley Chase noticed some of her lingerie was going missing, she set up a hidden camera to solve the mystery. She never could have expected to capture this…

Chase, a senior financial analyst from Manhattan, was stunned in September to discover that her super, 32-year-old Jose Cedillo, was sneaking into her apartment during the day to steal and sniff her underwear. The discovery led to Cedillo being arrested as he faces charges of burglary as a sexually motivated felony and petit larceny.

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According to Daily Mail, it all started about a year ago, not long after Chase moved into her 334 East 55th Street apartment in Manhattan. She returned home from a weekend trip to find one of her bras missing, and over the next few weeks, three pairs of underwear, four more bras and a bikini top also disappeared.

Then, in July, a pair of panties she had placed in a hamper in her apartment went missing, letting her know that the culprit was someone with access to her apartment. On September 4, she set up a hidden camera with an app on an old iPhone and headed to Long Island for the weekend, riding down in the elevator with her super Cedillo.

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Ten minutes after she left, Chase got an alert on her phone that someone was in her apartment. Video showed Cedillo entering the studio apartment and sniffing pairs of the girl’s panties. The pervert initially denied the accusations when police confronted him, but he eventually admitted to smelling the panties before tossing them in the trash. He also admitted to doing it once more a few months prior, but Chase and her lawyer believe it has happened a lot more than that.

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Chase’s attorney, Benedict Morelli, described his client as an independent woman who has lived on her own for years but now lives with a roommate because she is afraid for her safety.

“She was so shocked and she said… that she felt violated and she no longer felt safe,” Morelli said in a phone interview.

Morelli added that Chase plans to sue Cedillo, the owners of her building and the company that manages the property. Cedillo is currently free on $50,000 bond. 

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