Coast Guard Deliberately SINKS Boat Full of Muslim Refugees [VIDEO]

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Greece is sick and tired of Muslims “refugees” flooding into their nation at alarming rates, so they’re now taking drastic action to stop them.

Shocking video footage from November 12 shows a Greek Coast Guard vessel approach a small inflatable boat that was crammed full with 58 refugees. The sailors on the Coast Guard boat can be seen reaching over the sides of their ship with large polls, apparently trying to pop the inflatable boat.

As the inflatable boat starts to sink, the Greek ship speeds away, leaving the refugees to either drown or try to swim ashore. According to Mad World News, a Turkish ship later rescued all 58 refugees, so there were no casualties from this incident.

Do you think the Coast Guard went too far with this, or are they just doing what needs to be done? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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