BREAKING: Charlie Sheen Facing Jail Time

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The world was stunned last week when Hollywood A-lister Charlie Sheen admitted that he is HIV positive. Now, his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson is demanding Sheen face criminal charges for putting her at risk by not disclosing to her that he has HIV.

According to Daily Mail, the former porn star Olson said “face the consequences” for exposing her and countless others to HIV. Sheen told the world he was diagnosed with the virus four years ago, which left Olson terrified considering the fact she was living with him in 2011. Despite this, he never told her about his diagnosis.

Now, Olson is accusing her former boyfriend of “putting a loaded gun to my head” by exposing her to the disease. Since exposing someone to HIV without telling them is a crime in the US, she thinks he should be in jail.

“Now he has to pay for what he did. It’s unforgivable,” she told The Sun On Sunday.

Hours after Sheen revealed his diagnosis on the Today Show, Olson appeared on The Howard Stern Show to tell her side of the story. She told Stern that she remembers that Sheen was plagued with night sweats when they lived together, which is an indicator of HIV.

“That was when I was with him. I was living with him. We were sleeping together every single night,” said Olson. “And he never said a word.”

Olson went on to say that Sheen would demand sex twice a day, and that he used lambskin condoms, which offer less protection than regular condoms.

“I didn’t want to use lambskin, I wanted to use regular condoms. I made the same mistake that a lot of people do, I trusted him,” Olson recounted. “There were times when we didn’t use condoms, because it was only to prevent against pregnancy. I loved him, yes, he was my boyfriend. I left the [porn] industry for him and I never went back.”

Olson added that she has been tested for HIV recently, and that she is negative.

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