More Responses To Those Progressive Facebook Posts About Refugees

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When your Progressive friends or relatives get on Facebook and start putting up silly posters about refugees, the fact that we are not fascist college students means that we don’t want to censor our Progressive friends. However, because we’re intelligent beings, we don’t want to leave silly, ill-informed, stupid, or dangerous opinions unchallenged. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see on Facebook, along with some suggested responses.

Now, some of the posters are just plain mean. Take this one for example:

Open carry gun fear

That poster only makes sense if you live in an alternate universe in which “open-carry gun nuts” have committed mass shootings in America (they haven’t), set off bombs in Boston (they haven’t), shot up Marine recruiting centers (they haven’t), flown planes into buildings (they haven’t), blown up trains in Spain (they haven’t), shot up hotels in Mumbai (they haven’t), massacred people in Paris (they haven’t), massacred a mall in Kenya (they haven’t), bombed nightclubs in Bali (they haven’t), and generally spread a swath of destruction across the entire Middle East, which increasing inroads on the rest of the world (they haven’t).

If your friend puts up that poster, unless you want to do a laundry list of crimes by open carry proponents (zero) versus crimes by radical Islamists (tens of thousands), you might just want to write this friend off. Anyone that nasty probably isn’t someone you want to associate with anyway.

Another common poster is to point to the fact that Steve Jobs’ biological father (whom he loathed) was Syrian. Here’s one version:

Steve Jobs means we should let in Syrians

There are two points to make about that argument. First, it is nicely ironic to note that, since Jobs was an unwanted baby, the Progressives’ prescription for him nowadays would be an abortion. Second, it is unlikely that Jobs would have been the man he was if he was raised in an Islamic environment, something that will be happening to the offspring of the refugees being urged upon us.

The following poster is actually one of the more subtle ones out in the internet and requires a little more analysis to challenge:

If you're against abortion you must be pro-refugee

To begin with, have you heard anyone deny that the refugees and their children aren’t human beings? We didn’t think so. Indeed, it’s more than likely that many Americans would open their homes to refugee children, provided that those refugee children were completely assimilated, rather than raised in the Muslim enclaves in which they’ll inevitably be placed.

That fact leads directly to the other problem, which is that, as can be seen from the pictures immediately below, too many Muslims raise their children to be human bombs. The sad reality is that, when you have a totally corrupt ideology or a completely controlling tyrannical leader, it’s always the children that will suffer — and the only way to end the suffering is to free the children from the ideology and the leader, something that is invariably a deadly process.



Do not let Progressives get the last word on Facebook. There are strong, polite arguments to be made to challenge their often dangerous view of the world.

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