How To Respond To Progressive Facebook Posts About Refugees

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If you are reading this post, the chances are that you are a Facebook user. And if you are a Facebook user, the chances are that you have at least one family member, neighbor, colleague, or even a friend who is a devout Progressive and likes to share his or her ideas through allegedly clever posters.

That sharing is okay. None of us wants to be like those college kids who, by claiming “sensitivity,” demand censorship that would make any fascist proud. But still, when you see those posters, you want to make the good arguments that will drive out the bad ideas. This post will walk you through some good arguments you can make against your Progressive friends’ bad ideas about Syrian refugees.

Take for example the poster below, which tries to make you feel guilty that you’re celebrating Thanksgiving even as you cruelly turn away Syrian refugees:

Pilgrims should be supportive of immigration

The best thing to do when you see any variation of this poster is to point out that we all learned in school that the Europeans, once having gotten a foothold in North America, promptly turned around and murdered as many Native Americans as possible. If they couldn’t murder them, they dispossessed them of their land and otherwise marginalized them.

There is certainly a lesson to be learned here but the lesson isn’t to welcome refugees. Instead, it’s to cry out “For God’s sake, don’t let them in!”

Another series of posters compares the Syrian refugees to Jews before World War II. The most popular poster, an example of which is below, insists that, because the U.S. turned back 903 Jews who managed to escape the Germans, only to have half of them die in concentration camps, we have a moral obligation to accept 10,000 Syrians now and who knows how many next year.

St. Louis and Jewish refugees

While it is shameful in retrospect that America did not do more to stop the Jewish genocide, the fact is that the situations are entirely different. Here’s a short rundown of relevant arguments you can make:

(1) Thanks to the Nazis impeccable record-keeping, the U.S. knew exactly who these Jewish refugees were. As our FBI has admitted, we have no way of knowing who any of the Syrian refugees are.

(2) There was nothing in the 1930s or the 1920s to indicate that Jews were terrorists. They had not committed terrorist acts or made terrorist threats either in Europe or America.

(3) Jewish religious doctrine does not advocate Holy War or the establishment of a “Jewish caliphate.” The Muslims we are admitting subscribe to a religious doctrine that demands Holy War, conquest, and genocide – and we have no way of knowing which of the refugees take those doctrines too seriously.

(4) 903 is a small number, in contrast to the 10,000 Syrians proposed for this year, and the who knows how many thousands next year.

(5) Jews were being expressly targeted for genocide. The Muslim Syrians simply, and not unreasonably, want to get out of a war zone — but that’s not a good reason for the U.S. to put itself at risk.

(6) Progressives claim that no refugee has committed a terrorist act here. That is a half-truth at best. A Somali refugee attempted to blow up a Portland Christmas celebration and was stopped only by good FBI work. And Muslim immigrants blew up the Boston Marathon and the Chattanooga Marine recruiting station. All of them acted according to the Koran’s dictates.

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