Why are the Democrats telling lies to pressure America into accepting Syrian refugees?

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Americans are suspicious of the Democrats’ insistence on importing as many Syrian refugees as possible. The problem is that they tell lies to support this position. Representative Jared Huffman (D. Marin) exemplifies this problem. Here’s his Facebook post, which has three false assertions:

Jared Huffman on refugees

First, Huffman alleges that “[t]hese people [are] overwhelmingly women and children. . . .” Really? If Europe is anything to go by, that’s untrue. In the first wave, the UN reported that 72% of the refugees were men. That number has since dropped to 62%, although it’s possible the UN may have fiddled with the numbers after the outcry about a huge tide of military-aged Muslim men swarming Europe. Judging by Europe, we’re getting the fighting men.

Second, Huffman claims that the refugees will be “the most heavily scrutinized of any people entering the U.S.” That too is a lie. Yes, there’s a multi-tiered process, but it’s not one that will keep us safe. The process starts at the UN, which is inefficient and has a strong pro-Islam, anti-American bias. Should we trust the UN? No.

Next, the refugee goes to a “Refugee Support Center,” which is a foreign agency that contracts with the State Department. Americans are typically not employed and, in heavily Muslim regions RSC employees are primarily staffed by Muslims and reportedly trash refugee applications from Christians.

When these so-called vetted refugees get to the State Department, there’s an electronic database search . . . except we don’t have electronic databases for war-torn Syria. Add to that our government’s inefficiency (think of the VA’s death toll or the Office of Personnel Management data hack) and you know that this “heavy scrutiny” is meaningless.

Third, Huffman says that “no refugee has EVER committed a terrorist act in the US.” It is true that the only Muslim refugees we’ve had have come from Somali and none has committed a successful terrorist attack. However, at least a dozen of those Somalis have traveled to or attempted to travel to fight with ISIS. Additionally, Mohamed Mohamud, a Somali refugee planned to kill dozens when he set off a bomb amongst Christmas revelers in Portland. The only thing that stopped him was solid FBI work.

Americans understand that distinguishing between Muslim “refugees” and mass Muslim immigration is word play. They are rightly concerned about large numbers of Muslims coming to the US. Some of these immigrants have committed terrorist acts. Examples are the Tsarnaev brothers, two Chechen boys who set off devastating bombs at the Boston Marathon; and Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a Jordanian citizen born in Kuwait, who killed five people at the Marine Recruiting station in Chattanooga. Admittedly, these are small numbers compared to the volume of Muslims in America, but Huffman still lied.

After the lies, Huffman gets to his real point: “How about better securing the homeland against foreign and homegrown terrorists by tightening our absurdly permissive gun laws?”

Gun control will not help. France has some of the stiffest gun control laws in the world, and still experienced two utterly savage, gun-ridden terrorist attacks in 2015. By contrast, in Texas, armed citizens speedily stopped an attempted terrorist attack against the Draw Mohamed event in Texas. The only ones killed were the terrorists.

Perhaps the U.S. should admit refugees fleeing from the fighting in Syria. Many are just ordinary people caught in the crossfire. But if the Democrats need to lie to make their case, you know something’s wrong with their position.

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